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The online portfolio of ømar mashaal.

Senior Digital Engineer — Museum of Old and New Art

Co-organizer — Node Melbourne

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The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule, views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for (at some forty-five hundred heartbeats an hour).
—Vladimir Nabokov

Built with ThreeJS, React, Styled Components, and Webpack.


MOFO 2018

Pleasure is a weapon

WWW built with Node.js, React, Styled Components, Webpack and Contentful. App built with React Native.



Angry Internet = Cheaper Snickers

Built with Node.js, Webpack, and PostCSS. Custom charting layout and animations with SVG and canvas. Sentiment analysis with Naive-Bayes Classifier. Custom barcode generation and security.



  1. 🏆WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Gold Lion (x6)
  2. 🏆WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Silver Lion (x9)
  3. 🏆WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Bronze Lion (x6)
  4. 🏆WINNER
    Twitter – Gold 'The #Impact' Award
  5. 🏆WINNER
    D&AD 2017 – Wood Pencil / Digital Marketing
  6. 🏆WINNER
    Webby 2017 – Mobile Campaigns
  7. 🏆WINNER
    Webby 2017 – Food & Beverage
  8. 🏆WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Branded Content
  9. 🏆WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Media Innovation
  10. 🏆WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Food
  11. 🏆WINNER
    B&T 2016 – Data-driven Marketing
  12. 🏆WINNER
    Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix – MEDIA
  13. 🏆WINNER
    Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix – MOBILE
  14. 🏆WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Twitter Campaign
  15. 🏆WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Content Marketing
  16. 🏆WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Real Time Marketing
    Mashable 2016 – Best Use of Mobile
    Mashable 2016 – Best Experiential Marketing
  19. 🏆WINNER
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Data-Inspired Creative
  20. 🏆WINNER
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Digital to Destination
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Direct Response and Lead Generation
  22. 🏆WINNER
    MADC 2016 – Star Award

Smart Cities

OWL: 2nd place in 'Smart Cities Blockchain Hackathon'

Built with IOTA, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Firebase, React, Styled Components and Webpack.


Open-Source Lossless Audio Player

Built with Electron, Node.js, React, Redux, Radium and Webpack.


Angel Olsen


Built with Node.js, React, Styled JSX, Webpack and Contentful.

New Mazda6

Quietly Confident

Built with Node.js, Pug and PostCSS.

Eww... Bootstrap

A Chrome extension that displays an illustration of a sick child on websites built with Bootstrap


Intern Beer

This one's on us

Built with Node.js, React, Styled JSX, and Webpack.