A surge of art, music, performance and ceremony

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Mona's digital ticketing experience

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Subspace is a self-organised digital museum that explores how the digitisation of our existence affects how we see, hear, think and feel.

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Visual Projections

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  1. πŸ†WINNER
    Diemen 2018 – Design/Large Format/Installation/Environmental



The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule, views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for (at some forty-five hundred heartbeats an hour).
β€”Vladimir Nabokov

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  1. πŸ†WINNER
    Diemen 2018 – Digital/Website

R-R Smith

R-R Smith

Organic apples from the Huon Valley

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Mona Foma

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises

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"...need to escape the matrix for a while and would love to take whoever designed this website out on a date."
"Just fucking GET IN ME the website made me boygasm."
"The website was painful - hard to look at colours and those horrible things dropping down all the time."
Mona FomaMona FomaMona Foma


Angry Internet = CheaperΒ Snickers

Built with Node, Webpack, and PostCSS. Custom charting layout and animations with SVG and canvas. Sentiment analysis with Naive-Bayes Classifier. Custom barcode generation and security.



  1. πŸ†WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Gold Lion (x6)
  2. πŸ†WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Silver Lion (x9)
  3. πŸ†WINNER
    Cannes 2017 – Bronze Lion (x6)
  4. πŸ†WINNER
    Twitter – Gold 'The #Impact' Award
  5. πŸ†WINNER
    D&AD 2017 – Wood Pencil / Digital Marketing
  6. πŸ†WINNER
    Webby 2017 – Mobile Campaigns
  7. πŸ†WINNER
    Webby 2017 – Food & Beverage
  8. πŸ†WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Branded Content
  9. πŸ†WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Media Innovation
  10. πŸ†WINNER
    Effie 2017 – Food
  11. πŸ†WINNER
    B&T 2016 – Data-driven Marketing
  12. πŸ†WINNER
    Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix – MEDIA
  13. πŸ†WINNER
    Spikes Asia 2016 – Grand Prix – MOBILE
  14. πŸ†WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Twitter Campaign
  15. πŸ†WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Content Marketing
  16. πŸ†WINNER
    Mashable 2016 – Best Real Time Marketing
  17. πŸ…FINALIST
    Mashable 2016 – Best Use of Mobile
  18. πŸ…FINALIST
    Mashable 2016 – Best Experiential Marketing
  19. πŸ†WINNER
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Data-Inspired Creative
  20. πŸ†WINNER
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Digital to Destination
  21. πŸ…FINALIST
    IAB MIXX 2016 – Direct Response and Lead Generation
  22. πŸ†WINNER
    MADC 2016 – Star Award

Dark Mofo

My dream is to go to that place where it all began...

Built with Node, React, Styled Components, Service Workers, Firebase, and Next.js.

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Dark MofoDark MofoDark MofoDark Mofo
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