Virtuous realities

The digital portfolio of Omar Mashaal

Lead digital engineer at the Museum of Old and New Art

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Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Mona Foma

Pleasure is a weapon

Built with Node, React, Styled Components, Webpack and Contentful.

Smart Cities

OWL: 2nd place in 'Smart Cities Blockchain Hackathon'

Built with IOTA, Raspberry Pi, Node, Firebase, React, Styled Components and Webpack.

Angel Olsen


Built with Node, React, Styled JSX, Webpack and Contentful.

New Mazda6

Quietly Confident

Built with Node, Pug and PostCSS.

Bathetic Records

Official Website for Record Label


Official Website for Jon Mueller

Eww... Bootstrap

A Chrome extension that displays an illustration of a sick child on websites built with Bootstrap

Intern Beer

This one's on us

Built with Node, React, Styled JSX, and Webpack.